M.V.Rama Sarma
Eminent Milton Scholar

Eminent Milton Scholar

from India

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Movva Venkata Rama Sarma , a scholar, humanist, man of letters and an educationist was born on September 6, 1920 at 8.47 P.M at Movva Village, Movva Mandal, Krishna District. He entered into a family deriving its lineage from the poet-saint-composer, kshetrayya, whose life and tryst with eternity was fictionalised in “The Bliss of Life”- a novel. His father, Movva Rajgopala Rao was a landlord and a freedom fighter. His mother was Movva Subbamma.

  • Name : Movva Venkata Rama Sarma

  • Date of birth : Sep 6th, 1920 8.47 P.M

  • Birth Place : Movva

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education & experience



Intermediate education


Slowly he moved on to Machilipatnam for SSC and Intermediate. Then he started concentrating on studies. He passed Intermediate in 1938.


Bachelor Of Arts

Andhra University

He got admission at P R College, Kakinada. He was popular and liked by his Principal, Sri Pedada Ramaswami He completed his BA in 1940 and secured second rank in his group.


Master of Arts

Nagpur University

He appeared privately for M.A in English Literature at Nagpur University.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

University of Oxford, London

He got admission for Ph.D and he worked under Prof Bethell. In England he had a trying time with Prof Wren of University of Oxford putting him again to M.A. He wanted to work on Benard Shaw, but his Professor refused.



As tutor at Hindu College,


In the 1941 he got a job as tutor at Hindu College, Machilipatnam


Lecturer at Nirmala Collegel,

New Delhi

Armed with a foreign Phd in 1949, he returned to India in 1950 and sought job offers at Pune, Hyderabad, Baroda and some other places. Finally he joined in 1951 as lecturer at Nirmala Collegel, New Delhi.


Vice Chancellor of S.V. University


On October 1,1980 he assumed charge as the Vice Chancellor of S.V. University. This was the first time that an internal Professor was selected as the Vice Chancellor.

Testimonial /

some words of beloved students & Coleagues

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ఆంగ్గ సాహితీ జల దివి మదించి మిల్టన్ పండితుడుగా ఖండ ఖండాంతరాలలో అఖండ ఖ్యాతి గడించినమీరు ఈ గ్రామ వాస్తవ్యులు కావడం మాకు అత్యంత గర్వ కారణం.

Sri Mandav Janakiramaiah, Sarpanch, Movva Village
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from your world's sphere whole galaxies do tighten the girdle of warmth and support to protect their star, their rabbi from the fret-fever and the dull-aches of this chilling world.

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ఇవి మీచేత అఆలు దిద్దించుకున్న చేతులు ఇవి మీవెనుకే నడుస్తున్న బుల్లి బుల్లి పాదాలు ఇవి మేరు వెలిగించిన దీపాలు మీ కీర్తికి తోరణాలు వీటికి అవశ్యంకావాలి మీ దీవెన అందుకే అందుకోండి ఈ కవితార్చన

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On this occasion we recall with pleasure your manifold achievements as a brilliant student, gifted teacher, creative writer and able administrator.

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Teachers Day Special Article by The hans India News paper
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We have struggled through several years to become the employees of the University. Ultimately our dreams are made real by you. We remember gratefully a crucial decision you have taken to the benefit of us all.

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Prof. Rama Sarma has thus been one of the builders of the Sri Venkateswara University and it was natural – as natural as the ‘leafy luxury’ of a tree in spring – and a fitting climax to his career .

Honorary Dlitt from Andhra University
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Prof.M.V.Rama Sarma (English) Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati is hereby awarded this certificate of Merit, Cash award of Rs. 1000/- and a Silver Medal in recognition of his commendable record as a Teacher

Best Teacher Award Mar & Nov 1980 by Dept., of Education
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Your memorable stay in the U.K., your purposeful visit to U.S and your major or valuable contributions at the various International Conferences have proved immensely beneficial to the academic community.

Research Scholars Association SV University, Tirupati